Maternity and paternity coaching

I was impressed to learn recently that many large employers in the UK enlist ‘maternity coaches’ to help their female executives deal with the challenges of motherhood and getting back to work.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting one such coach, Louise Sheppard, an experienced executive coach and mother of 4. Louise has successfully […]

Is Corporate Australia missing the point?

At a recent social occasion, I got talking with the CEO of a large Australian company who insisted that he was doing all he could to encourage higher participation of women in senior roles.  He gave the example of one of his own direct reports, a high performing senior manager. She was going through a […]

Pumping Milk at Work

Pumping Milk at Work

Corporate women in the US do not need to breast feed their babies anymore.  They can return to work well before baby is weaned, utilising motorised breast pumps in their firm’s Lactation Room to express their breast milk at regular intervals.  A cute photograph of baby can ease the milk’s “let down”.  Sent straight home by Fedex […]

Finishing the Revolution

 I have just read two books coincidentally called The Unfinished Revolution (Kathleen Gerson, Oxford University Press, 2010) and The Incomplete Revolution (Gosta Esping-Andersen, Polity Press, 2009). The revolution to which they refer is the feminist movement, in particular the entry of women into the paid workforce.  Until this revolution is finished, we face “serious […]

The changing role of home

The changing role of home

  Since women have joined the paid workforce, homes have changed from places of production to places of consumption. So observed Dr Ann Stephen in a booklet published by Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum in 1990. Working mothers rarely bake, preserve or stew.  Nor do they knit, sew, mend or make.  They haven’t the time. Instead they work […]

Work and life – What am I on about?

  As a practising lawyer, wife and mother of three, I have juggled work with life.  When my first child was born I was torn.  I wanted to maintain my career and be an active mother.  So I talked my way into the first part-time role ever offered to a solicitor at my firm, a […]