20 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Experience in the US and beyond


On a recent trip overseas, I had the opportunity to talk to some key players in New York, Philadelphia and London.

In London, I met with Louise Sheppard, an experienced executive coach with special expertise in work/life balance.  Louise has great insight into how executives can reconcile their career and family aspirations as she has managed so ably herself.  In New York, Sallie Fraenkel, Executive VP of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, now finds herself in her dream role having worked part-time for many years.  She had to quit twice from the organisation where she ended up working for 20 years in order to gain for herself the flexible terms she needed to look after her family.

Jessica DeGroot, Founder and President of the Third Path Institute, based in Philadelphia, is an inspirational advocate for what she calls the “Third Path”, an integrated approach to work and life.  Jessica has been working on this cause for over 20 years and practices what she preaches.  She and her husband Jeff Lutzner share the care of their two children while each pursue their own successful careers.  They are part of a growing body of “Integrated Leaders“, who unlike traditional leaders who put their work first, navigate “a constantly changing landscape – both at work and at home – to create a life that encompasses family, work, health, friends and personal interests in a meaningful arrangement”.  Jessica believes that one reason why the workplace is so slow to change is that most leaders are the type that put their work first and promote people who do the same.  It is a vicious circle.


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