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Maternal gatekeeping




In the Age on 31 December 2013 Ben Hart complains that men are discouraged from fathering by mothers’ gatekeeping and other societal pressures.  He has a point.  Now that women are ready and able to do their share of the breadwinning, they must make it easy for their partners to do their fair share of the caregiving. For more on this see my letter to the Age a few days later.

For even more see About.com which reports:  A woman is a maternal gatekeeper if she is inhibiting her husband from completing his share of household chores and child-care. A maternal gatekeeper limits her husband’s involvement with chores and children by placing obstacles in his way. She may question and criticize his actions as a parent and fail to encourage his interaction with his children.

It can be quite inadvertent – I know I have been guilty of it.  Mothers need to be sure from the moment a child is on its way to encourage their partners to take equal responsibility for its care.



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