08 August 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Having it all

I am a bit slow off the mark but must refer you to an  article in the July/August 2013 edition of  Atlantic Monthly, Why Women Still Can’t Have it all.  Written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, academic, foreign policy analyst, and public commentator, who bravely brings to light a reality that still impedes women progressing to top ranks – maternal imperatives.  Yep, it is high time we came out on this and work out ways around it, like:

more supportive partnering – equitable sharing of the breadwining and the caregiving

more supportive employment – valuing a day off to be with a sick child as much as a day off for Corporate Golf

redesigning the successful career arc – allow for women (and men) to peak later in life

redisc0vering balanced lives

making use of modern technology to dispel the idea that work must be done in the office or on a plane

changing other societal structures such as realigning school schedules with work schedules and more accessible childcare

I had better get on with my book before all these comentators steal my thunder!


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