Stress is all-pervasive

I read with dismay the findings of a Mission Australia survey published this month.  According to the report, “the issue of greatest personal concern for young people in 2014 was coping with stress.”     This stress is said to relate to the pressures on young people in their final years of school to do well enough […]

Big Hearted Business

17 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

I saw Clare Bowditch on breakfast TV this morning.  This is her newish website aimed at  promoting creative business.  Big Hearted Business sounds like an oxymoron but it shouldn’t.  Redefining success is aimed at much the same thing.  A balanced life leads to more productivity and better decision making.  Good luck Clare.

The Women’s Agenda

Just a brief post to note I have just had an article published on The Women’s Agenda, the headline:  Arianna Huffington and Anne-Marie Slaughter fight for a better way to work.  We should too. 

Paternity leave is good for children

It’s all over the Australian papers today. A recent study by Dr Jennifer Baxter suggests that children do better the more time they spend with their fathers in their early years.  It also seems that if fathers take as little as two weeks of paternity leave to be with their newborn children they tend to […]

Experience in the US and beyond

  On a recent trip overseas, I had the opportunity to talk to some key players in New York, Philadelphia and London. In London, I met with Louise Sheppard, an experienced executive coach with special expertise in work/life balance.  Louise has great insight into how executives can reconcile their career and family aspirations as she has […]

Lean In – only “half a loaf”?

“Half a loaf” is Lean In, the much talked about recent book by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg; at least according to Anne-Marie Slaughter, another outspoken member of the upper echelons of America’s executive workforce, in her New York Time review,Yes, You Can.  And so it goes on, the bickering among feminists which has to have bogged down […]

Slaughter vs Sandberg

A key point of difference has been between those who push for women to behave more like men; and those who push for workplace structures and cultures to change to accommodate women.  The most recent manifestation is the contrasting viewpoints of two high profile American women, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Sheryl Sandberg.   One of the most […]

Maternal gatekeeping

      In the Age on 31 December 2013 Ben Hart complains that men are discouraged from fathering by mothers’ gatekeeping and other societal pressures.  He has a point.  Now that women are ready and able to do their share of the breadwinning, they must make it easy for their partners to do their fair share of […]

Children don’t have to be the biggest obstacle

In the August 25 issue of the Economist Schumpeter states the obvious when reports that the biggest obstacle to advancement for women in business is children.   The author goes on to report that some companies are really trying to change their corporate culture to help women get over this obstacle such as Unilver, McKinsey and […]

Having it all

I am a bit slow off the mark but must refer you to an  article in the July/August 2013 edition of  Atlantic Monthly, Why Women Still Can’t Have it all.  Written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, academic, foreign policy analyst, and public commentator, who bravely brings to light a reality that still impedes women progressing to top ranks – […]